Things You Should Know about starting a Book Subscription Box

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Today I am going to talk about Starting a Book Subscription Box and what you should know before Starting!


If you don't know I am The Owner and creator of a book subscription box called The Bookie Box I started my Box in August of 2017 and since then have grown pretty fast, but that is not to say I have not experienced many growing pains. When I had the idea to start a box I had no idea where to start I had searched the internet for tips and even reached out to other companies for advice with no luck. At this point, I decided that instead of giving up and not trying I would try to teach myself how to start a subscription box and jump right into it! Here are a few things I learned and/or things that helped me start!


First things first Pick what kind of box you want to have.

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For me this was easy, I love Young Adult books, so I knew I wanted my box to focus on Young Adult books, I also run a candle and Bookmark company, so I knew I wanted to include that somehow. I decided that I would include one exclusive candle and one exclusive bookmark created by me in every box (this is something that made my box stand out among the many YA book boxes) It is a good idea to find some way to make your box unique from the others as this business is very saturated. 

Picking a Name

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Picking a name for your box is probably one of the most important steps! I say this because once you choose a name that is going to be your brand you dont want to change it. For me, this part was easy because I already had a brand! That Bookie! I started out in the bookish world with booktube where I came up with the name That bookie for my channel! I have always loved books so when I found Booktube I knew I needed to be apart of it! After starting booktube I decided to start a bookmark company at this point in my life I was a stay at home mom and wanted something to do while I was at home with my kids, I named this bookmark shop on Etsy That Bookie Bookmarks because it was a brand I had already established on Youtube! I wanted a way to keep everything I did connected. After that I branched out into candles and then the bookie box which I named it after my brand because it was already known! Once you pick a brand its best to stick with that brand because people will come to know you are connected to that brand!

building a website, and social media pages!

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, you will need a website where people can go to subscribe to your box! I use Squarespace but after further research have come to find that Shopify would have been a better option for me because with Shopify you can use a subscription platform called ReCharge this is a great way to take subscriptions! Starting an Instagram page for your box is a great way to bring exposure to your box and one that I highly recommend. More then 70% of my business comes from Instagram including Instagram reps!

Order your Boxes

I highly recommend if you are someone not familiar with graphic design to have someone design a box for you, Your box and the appearance of your box will draw people in. I don't know how many people I have heard say that they love my box more than others because I put so much work into the way everything looks from the box to packaging! It may not seem important, but IT IS! There are many sites you can go through, but the one I have recently switched to is BoxUp this one is ran through Cratejoy, and you don't have to buy 1000's of boxes to get significant discounts, AND you can come up with an intricate design without being charged more money! 

Find vendors and Publishers!

Starting out is a little harder than when things take off as with anything, When buying wholesale you will always get a better deal with the more items you buy but when you start you are likely to have few subscribers. Keep in mind that items will get cheaper as you grow! A great place to start is finding vendors on Etsy! 

The best way to get ahold of Publishers is to contact the special markets department at each publisher you want to work with. They will then assign you a rep whom you can email and talk with about different books coming out, obtaining ARCs, and purchasing books!

Come up with a budget!

This one is critical it is best to come up with a budget and stick to that budget This will also give you an idea of what you should be charging for each box

Promo Box

A great way to get the word out about your box is to find a few people with many followers either of Instagram of youtube that specializes in the niche of your box and contact them asking if they would like to rep for you. Once you have about 10-20 reps send them a promo box! this is a box made to show everyone what they can expect from your box, and you will only send to your reps! Again this will draw attention to your box and show people what kind of items and the quality of the items they can expect in each box! 

These are just a few things That I think are important in starting a new box! if you have any questions feel free to comment below or contact me at I am always happy to help and spread the knowledge!


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