Booktubeathon Wrap Up

    Hello all, I didn't read nearly as much as I would have liked to for Booktubeathon but I did manage to finish 3 books! which is pretty good for me because i normally read about a book a week and these were 300-400 page books so here are the books a managed to finish in the week of booktubeathon! 

First I read Flame in the mist for The Booktube Bookclub this was the book i picked for the challenge read about someone who is different from you. I didn't really end up liking this book as much as i would have liked to and there will be a review here shortly.

Next I read Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index which I absolutely adored! This one was the Booktubeathon book pick and I am so glad it was because i don't know that i would have picked it up otherwise and this book is my new favorite! You can find my review here: Juniper Lemons Happiness Index

Lastly I read Long May She Reign which is one i started a few months ago but didn't get that far into and i really enjoyed this book also. There will be a review on this book shortly so keep your eyes open for it!

This was my very first booktubeathon and over all i had a lot of fun doing it here are the 3 video challenges i participated in: 

I would love to hear how your booktubeathon went feel free to link your booktubeathon videos in the comments for me to watch! 

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