7 tips to starting a Booktube Channel

I am by no mean an expert on this topic in fact I just started my channel a few months ago in September of 2016 so I have been doing this for about 5ish months now but I feel like my channel is on the uphill climb growth wise and I wanted to share a few tips! 

First things first....Take the plunge!

So many people watch booktube for months or even years before starting a channel I myself took about six months to start my channel after discovering book tube out of fear of filming myself and what others would think of me, but booktube is such an amazing community and everyone I have come across is so kind and supportive and everyone started where you did with zero subscribers! So just do it if you are thinking about doing it don't think about it anymore just jump in and do it because it is so much fun to have a group of people who share the same interest as you to talk to about those interest! 


When you are first starting out your equipment doesn't have to be the best of the best when i started i just used my laptop cam and then once I knew this was something i wanted to do long term i went ahead and bought a nice camera and a mic which i didn't buy all at once i bought it just as i could afford it. The first thing i bough was a Canon Rebel DSLR camera which completely changed the quality of my videos and then recently i purchased a Blue snowball mic. 


Be yourself

Some of the most popular book tubers are those who are the dorky selfs. people like to see the silly side of people so be yourself and do be afraid to show that silly side of your personality now that is not to say that if you are super serious your shouldn't start a channel there are also plenty of book tubers who are more on the serious side and do very well again its all about bringing your personality to the stage because every person is unique and viewers like to see what makes your unique.

Booktube newbie tag

when i first started i wasn't aware that this was a thing but the booktube newbie tag is a great way to get noticed when you are first starting out i received about 50-75 subs just from this video. I didn't end up doing it till i was well on my journey with booktube but i still ended up doing it and still to this day i watch booktube newbie tags to find new channels! 

You don't have to do every video topic other booktubers are doing...

again this is your channel, you decide what your content is going to be if you don't like doing book hauls don't do them, if you don't like tags don't do them (though tags are a great way to get noticed) and if you love doing a certain kind of video that other people only do once a month or once a year you should do it as much as you want because again this is your channel and if you want to continue to love making videos you have to record videos that you enjoy recording. 

make a compelling channel trailer

this is another great way to get people to subscribe to your channel, keep it short and sweet but it is a great way to show what your channel is all about here is my booktube channel trailer...

customize your channel page...

adding a page header and adding unique aspect to your channel page with draw people in when coming across your channel. Again this is a perfect time to show your uniqueness!

So that is it for my 7 tips on starting a booktube channel if you liked this blog please subscribe to my blog by hitting the subscribe button above. also check out my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoPDqqu-pW2TadnTnTAILrw! have a great day everyone.

Julia Thompson